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Written on Nov 06, 2011 by Angelic

For Oyster issue #95 Alexi Wasser caught up with heartthrob Logan Lerman (swoon) and touched on some very interesting topics including one night stands, older women and the ‘man pill’. If only he’d shown us his stomach too…

Not all that long ago, in a house nestled in the Hollywood Hills, I did something that will make me the envy of tweenage girls all over the world: I interviewed 19-year-old actor Logan Lerman (of Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief and The Three Musketeers). We discussed everything from girls, to dating, to love, to sex. Yes, I’m well aware that all of these topics come under the same umbrella, but these are the things I’d want to read about in an interview with a cute actor I had a crush on!

Alexi Wasser: So, I’m going to ask you a lot of questions, some of which are completely inappropriate and none of my business. Feel free to say “pass” when you feel uncomfortable and don’t want to answer. OK?
Logan Lerman: OK.

Is Logan Lerman your real name or a stage name?
It’s my real name. Everyone in my family has the initials LL.

Like the Kardashians with KK. What’s the craziest fan story you have?
I had someone who kept showing up at a hotel and slipping notes under my door, along with pictures they drew of me.

Do you have Google Alerts?
No. Do people do that? I can just read what everyone says about me online? Well, I mean, that would be uncomfortable; that would just make me feel like a complete asshole.

Robert Pattinson has admitted to having Google Alerts in an interview…
Really? Has he?

He has. Are you on Facebook or Twitter?
I have a personal Facebook, but I’m not on Twitter.

As a male actor, do you suffer from body dysmorphia? Do you feel pressure to have a six-pack/eight-pack?
I don’t.

Do you have a six-pack? Can I see your stomach?
What? No! I don’t work out [laughs]. Next question.

Are you single?
I guess I’ll pass on that too.

What is the longest relationship you’ve ever been in? Eight months?
No, longer — two years.

What is a first date with you like? How do you woo a girl?
I haven’t been on many dates. I’ve had a few girlfriends, and those dates went well. I’ve never had, like, the ‘ideal date’, whatever that is.Do you love the Lakers? Have you sat courtside yet? Have you ever taken a girl on a date to a Lakers game?

I like the Lakers. They’re my team, but I’m not a fan of basketball. I don’t really know much about basketball. I did sit courtside about seven years ago — not on a date, with my brother. He’s a huge Lakers fan and I got the seats when I was really young, when I was working on a TV show — Jack & Bobby — and the network got me the seats. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.

You’re on a first date. Who pays and why?
Oh, I would always pay. Even for my friends. Even for, like, a girl who’s just a friend. It’s just the way I was raised.

That’s fantastic. You’d be surprised what’s going on out there in the world of dating.
It’s terrible.

You’re a Capricorn — what does that mean? Are you into astrology at all? Why are girls so into astrology?
I have no idea, and I have no idea.

Would you ever date, or make out with, or have sex with, a girl who is taller than you?
[Laughs] That’s funny! That’s hilarious! Yeah, definitely! There are a lot of girls I’m attracted to who are taller than me.

Are you a virgin?
I’m going to pass on that. I mean…

If it existed, would you take the ‘man pill’?
If it existed? Um, I can’t imagine that would be healthy for you… Hmm, if there was one, and it was safe, yes, I would take it. That would be very convenient.

As an actor, girls throw themselves at you, and you’re going to have the opportunity to have more casual sex than most. Are you excited about this? Or do you think casual one-night-stand sex will make you feel empty? Do men have feelings too?
Yes, men have feelings too, and yes, that would make me feel very empty. It’s not what I look for. I like to get to know a person … If it’s something so sudden, it makes me uncomfortable. I don’t sleep around.

What’s a huge turn-off for you with people in general?
Well, everyone has his or her pet peeves, but mine are really random. There’s nothing I really look for in someone that would irritate me. But, like, someone who uses a piano as a table would irritate me. I have a really odd, random list of things that would bother me, and that’s one of them — using it to put down your drinks, or as a piece of furniture, instead of playing it.

Who do you want to work with more than anything?
Paul Thomas Anderson, the Coen brothers, Spike Jonze — filmmakers I really respect.

Did you originally sign onto The Three Musketeers because you misunderstood and thought the director was Paul Thomas Anderson [the actual director is Paul W.S. Anderson]? That happened to people I know with a directing duo called the Cohen brothers, but a different Cohen brothers.
[Laughs] No, that’s not why I took the film. A real deciding factor was my grandfather. As a young kid he had to leave his home in Germany and he only took a book or two with him … The Three Musketeers was one of them. He just loves the story, and I grew up watching the films with him because he loves the movies as well. You know, it meant a lot to him, and I really wanted to be a part of it. I want him to come to the premiere but it’s in London, and it’s hard for him to have the energy to fly…

Which role are you least proud of?
I’d love to be able to answer that… Give me a few years before I can answer that honestly.

In The Only Living Boy in New York, the upcoming modern take on The Graduate, your character has an affair with his father’s mistress, played by Olivia Wilde. Would you ever date an older woman in real life?
Yes. I’ve dated older women. I like older women. You know, it all depends on the person … I don’t have an age limit.

That’s great! You’re 19 — you should be dating older women and learning lots of new things.

What’s the worst thing about being interviewed?
Everything. I don’t know; it’s a weird thing. It’s very uncomfortable and you’re also constantly thinking about how you’re going to word something, or how something is going to be phrased. Having to think about that is a little… [He trails off because his phone vibrates — it’s his dad. He is a gentleman and presses ‘ignore’.]

So, you have an actual ‘momager’. What’s that like?
It’s a weird relationship; you can’t deny that. It’s odd working with your mother growing up. But I’m glad … because it made me much more… I feel more grounded. Her being present kept me from becoming… from avoiding that trauma that young actors tend go through. I appreciated having my mom around and all the sacrifices she made for my career: travelling with me as a kid, going to these locations, living in Memphis for three months. She was an economics major at UCLA. She worked in the art world in Los Angeles. She had a different life, doing all of her own things. To selflessly let me pursue my dream at a young age, and for her to help me and be there for me, is something I can’t thank her enough for. But it’s very difficult for a young person to be around their mother that often.

Are your parents together?
No, they’re divorced. But I’m very close with both sides of my family. They chose to live close to each other.

You’re still a kid, but when you’re older do you think you’ll want kids?
Who says I don’t have kids already?

Oh my fucking God! What? Do you?
No. But I’d love to have kids one day, of course.

Do you promise me you’ll never take drugs or smoke?

At this very moment, are you figuring out ways to get my phone number so you can take me out on a date, without your publicist or the photographer hearing?
Ha! You read my mind.

Source: Oyster Magazine

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16 Responses to “Logan Lerman Oyster Magazine Interview”

Grace written on November 6, 2011

Lol! This is so funny!
It’s really cool how everyone in his family has the initials LL, I never knew that!

“I had someone who kept showing up at a hotel and slipping notes under my door, along with pictures they drew of me.”
^^ sounds like something I would do!

Ohmygosh, the stomach question was hilarious! Logan doesn’t work out? Cause he has a crazy awesome body! Must be all the sword fighting.

Lina written on November 6, 2011

This interview ROCKS !Tanks for it ! I really enjoyed it ^^
I really love Logan’s personality, how he says he don’t want “one night relationship”, how he refused to show his stomach… x)

He really is my kind of boy, I mean for his character, or at least what he shows us from his character…
But I know it’s impossible between us since he’s a big star, and I am too shy to do like this girl at the hotel and even too shy to interview him one day…

joan abegail dayto written on November 6, 2011

i LOVE Logan Lerman

zhanez written on November 7, 2011

am confused?! he has no twitter but has facebook?!

who am i following on twitter then?! i though it was him?!

sara written on November 8, 2011

” Are you on Facebook or Twitter?
I have a personal Facebook, but I’m not on Twitter.”
What??? He does have a twitter and he said so himself!!!
I’m pretty sure this interview is fake!!!

Samantha written on November 13, 2011

I’m laughing the whole time. I mean, it’s awesome. :)) And he is such a sweet friend. If there was something i would like to wish, it would be meeting him. :DD Keep up the good work, Logan. :))

Therese written on November 17, 2011

But he does have a twitter and it’s verified…so why did he say that he didn’t?

Toni written on November 23, 2011

Okay, I adore Logan Lerman here, he’s fucking hilarious. But the interviewer is seriously pissing me off. What the fuck is she doing throwing herself all over him?

Reina written on November 24, 2011

oh god this is so fake. some stupid fangirl is so pathetic + has no life that she wrote this….

arianee written on November 28, 2011

omygod! logan is very funny! that’s one of the personalities that i like about him! phew. i love LOGAN WADE LERMAN forever! :)) :*

Sarah written on December 8, 2011

ummm I actually found this EXTREMELY uncomfortable to read only because I know he must have felt awkward out of his mind. lol

i mean, funny interviews are one thing, but this was just….way out there. lol.

although some of his answers were very amusing and… informative. haha

@tiyalermaniac written on December 15, 2011

Wait, Logan Lerman doesn’t have twitter? What the..? I mean, it’s verified!! Did he try to cover it up or…? I don’t know.

My favorite part is when the interviewer asked whether Logan will want kids or not and he answered, “WHO SAYS I DON’T HAVE KIDS ALREADY?” LMFAO

Brie written on December 18, 2011

Logan Lerman’s grandfather – after leaving Germany – was in the Jewish Ghetto in Shangia.

Zach written on December 31, 2011

This was completely stupid. This bitch was asking him questions about girlfriends and dating girls and he has announced SEVERAL times that he is GAY! he’s not doing anything with a girl.

ohhh……he’s so sweet and awesome and very gentleman….
that’s the things what girls are looking for a man and he has that.
so girls let’s continue to love our dear LOGAN LERMAN!!!!!
…..i love you L.L

David Domincki written on June 6, 2012

I was looking through some of your content on this site and I believe this web site is really informative! Continue putting up.

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