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Written on May 22, 2013 by Angelic

I’ve added new theatrical posters of Logan Lerman featured in ‘Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters’ movie to the gallery.

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Filed in FuryRecent News | 0 Comments
Written on May 03, 2013 by Angelic

It seems Shia LaBeouf won’t be the only young actor soldiering up with Brad Pitt for David Ayer’s World War II tank drama Fury, as Deadline is now reporting that Logan Lerman, best known for playing the titular character in the Percy Jackson movies, has also signed on for a role in the new film. According to the site he will play, “Norman Ellison, an Army typist and the youngest and most inexperienced member of the crew who is thrust into being a tank gunner.”

The film, written by Ayer, follows a five-man American tank squadron in 1945 who ride in to fight off the remaining Nazi forces in Germany. The writer/director previously said of the story, “What these men went through is worthy of a complex, honest portrayal. This will have incredible, visceral action and complex rich characters. I plan to bring tank combat to life in a way that lands with a modern audience.”

Production on the movie is scheduled to begin this September. Columbia Pictures recently picked up the project after a decent sized bidding war, and is planning to have the film in theaters on November 14, 2014.

Lerman earned good marks for his performance in last year’s The Perks of Being a Wallflowerand has two films coming up. He’ll next be seen this August in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, with co-stars Alexandra Daddario, Brandon T. Jackson, Sean Bean, Nathan Fillion, Stanley Tucci, Anthony Head and more. In addition to Fury in 2014, the actor will also have a part in Darren Aronofksy’s Noah, with Russell Crowe, Emma Watson, Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Hopkins, Ray Winstone and Douglas Booth.

Source: Cinema Blend

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Written on Apr 21, 2013 by Angelic

I’ve added new event photos of Logan Lerman arriving at the 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards at JW Marriott Los Angeles at L.A. LIVE on April 20, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.



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Written on Apr 15, 2013 by Angelic

I’ve added new event photos of Logan Lerman at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards at Sony Pictures Studios on April 14, 2013 in Culver City, California. Logan looks great!



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Written on Apr 13, 2013 by Angelic

MTV Trailblazer honoree Emma Watson is sitting next to her ‘Perks’ pal Logan Lerman. Think they’ll win Best Kiss?

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Written on Apr 13, 2013 by Angelic

Pucker up — the 2013 MTV Movie Awards are just days away, and there’s going to be plenty of lip-locking when the curtain goes up at the Sony Pictures Studios lot in Culver City, California, on Sunday, April 14 at 9 p.m. ET.

Five cinematic couples are vying for the Best Kiss statuette: Emma Watson and Logan Lerman (“The Perks of Being a Wallflower”), Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper (“Silver Linings Playbook”), Kara Hayward and Jared Gilman (“Moonrise Kingdom”), Kerry Washington and Jamie Foxx (“Django Unchained”) and Mila Kunis and Mark Wahlberg (“Ted”). Can this year’s Trailblazer burn the competition? Let’s take a closer look at the sexy smooches.

Emma Watson and Logan Lerman, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”

Loner Charlie (Lerman) receives his first kiss courtesy of older friend Sam (Watson), and it’s a lovely (albeit chaste) moment in this big-screen adaptation of Stephen Chbosky’s coming-of-age novel. But the second time the two lock lips? Well, there’s nothing wallflowerish about it, which makes Charlie’s eventual unraveling even more heart-wrenching.

Source: MTV

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Written on Apr 08, 2013 by Angelic

I’ve added new outtakes of Logan Lerman taken for ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ & ‘Vault’ Magazine to the gallery. These outtakes were taken last year. Logan looks all grown up!

The Hollywood Reporter

Vault Magazine

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Written on Apr 03, 2013 by Angelic

Monday, the first trailer for “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters” debuted exclusively on MTV News, and the preview was fit for the gods (and half-bloods). After three years of waiting, Percy and the rest of the Olympians are back for another adventure, this time to find the legendary Golden Fleece.

To get even more mythological goodness out of the preview, MTV News’ Josh Horowitz recently sat down with star Logan Lerman to find out what would be different this time around. “The first one was big,” Lerman said of 2010’s “The Lightning Thief. “It’s definitely a bigger story [in 'Sea of Monsters'], bigger monsters, bigger effects, 3-D.”

As the trailer sets up, “Sea of Monsters” brings back many of the characters from “The Lightning Thief,” but this time, their home is in danger. “It takes place shortly after the end of the first one, and someone has come and poisoned the tree that protects our camp,” Lerman said. “All of the half-bloods are in danger of monsters coming and killing them, so they have to go on this huge quest in the Sea of Monsters to find the Golden Fleece to revive the tree and save the camp. It’s a huge adventure.”

Since the movie is called “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters,” it wouldn’t be asking too much to expect a few monsters to show up onscreen over the course of the film, and in that category, Lerman assured MTV News that they can deliver.

“There are a good number of monsters. It won’t disappoint,” Lerman said. “We did see them on set. It was cool. A lot of them were actually in person, things that would be actually on camera that they’ll redo with visual effects. It was great. We had actors instead of a ball or a mark on a green screen.”

You can catch the rest of the interview with Logan Lerman during “Rated MTV,” airing Friday, April 5 on MTV.

“Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters” opens on August 16. The movie also stars Alexandra Daddario, Stanley Tucci, and Nathan Fillion.

Source: MTV

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Written on Apr 03, 2013 by Angelic

I’ve added new screen captures of Logan Lerman in ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters’ official trailer to the gallery.

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Written on Apr 02, 2013 by Angelic

I’ve added new outtakes of Logan Lerman taken from last year 2012. Both outtakes are from ‘People’ & ‘Backstage’ magazine to the gallery.

Backstage Magazine

People Magazine

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