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Written on Sep 19, 2013 by Grace Chan

I’ve added new photoshoots outtakes of Logan Lerman did for several magazine to the gallery. Loving the new photoshoots anyways! Stay tune for more updates :)

V Man

Percy Jackson The Sea Of Monsters Italy Press Shoots

John Russo

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Filed in VideoWriters | 0 Comments
Written on Aug 25, 2013 by Angelic

I’ve added two new clips of Logan Lerman featured in his recent film, ‘Stuck In Love’ with Lily Collins.

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Filed in EventsPhoto GalleryVideo | 0 Comments
Written on Aug 12, 2013 by Angelic

I have uploaded new high quality event photos of Logan Lerman attends the Teen Choice Awards 2013 at Gibson Amphitheatre on August 11, 2013 in Universal City, California.

Congrats Logan for winning “Choice Movie Actor: Drama award for ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower'”








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Written on Aug 12, 2013 by Grace Chan

I’ve added new high quality candids photos of Logan Lerman visits the SiriusXM Studios on August 7, 2013 in New York City.

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Written on Aug 10, 2013 by Grace Chan

I’ve added new digital scans of Logan Lerman featured in the new issue of Fade In magazine. Videos and interview are undercut. Enjoy reading and viewing!

You really shined in The Perks of Being a Wallflower. What’s more, that picture has been a huge touchstone for many teens. Growing up, was there a book or a film or a piece of music that you held close as a kind of a reliable emotional companion at certain points?

Yes, definitely: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It’s the greatest love story. I saw it when I was — what? — thirteen, maybe twelve? I was just being introduced to movies; that was one of the first movies I ever saw in a theatre. It inspired me to be in movies, to want to be a filmmaker. It made me seek out Michel Gondry’s other work as a director, and Charlie Kaufman’s as a writer. I love Kaufman’s choices as a writer.Adaptation blew my mind: like, “How did you think of doing this?” Being John Malkovich sparked an interest in Spike Jonze’s work. All those guys — it’s a related group. I’m also passionate about [David] Fincher, and Fight Club.

How did Perks change the types of projects you’re being offered?

Only in small steps: it’s just opened doors to more of the people I really want to work with. If not for Perks, I probably wouldn’t have doneNoah. That’s what I mean by small steps. A lot of filmmakers and producers have me on their radar a little bit more.

When you judge an offer, is the script more important, or is the director? How do you balance those in your mind?

The director’s an obvious yes for me, usually. You cater to their vision. At the same time, it’s about the material — if that’s strong and has value, if the character’s complicated, then I’m attracted as well. That’s the balance. But I can’t really invest myself in a project if it doesn’t have a director I can trust.

What are you looking for when assessing a director that you may or may not choose to work with?

I just ask a lot of questions. I try to grasp their taste and what they technically like to do. I definitely value someone who technically has a distinct style or taste. Then I talk with whomever else they’re working with. If you’re working with a filmmaker that you’re not familiar with, or they haven’t done enough for you to be sure about, the next best person with whom you can immerse yourself aesthetically is the cinematographer.

Is there pressure to take jobs fearing that the script you turn down will make a star of someone else?

Yes. Yes, definitely. Above that is the main fear of turning down a job and not having anything. I like to have a few options: an A and B and C and D. But you have to trust your instincts, and sometimes I haven’t. It’s a tough thing to do. I’ve made mistakes in the past where I’ve done films that I didn’t quite trust, that I didn’t really want to do, but felt like I had to, because it might help me — even help me a lot. At the same time, those are not creatively fulfilling choices. What I do now instead is trust my gut that, a year from now, or whatever, this or that project will make me the most comfortable or happy when I’m out having to promote it.

There was a moment, when you were ten, that you balked at acting, and refused to pursue it for a while. Since then, you’ve made twenty films in thirteen years. What drove you away, and what brought you back? I wasn’t interested in films, originally. I liked movies, but I wasn’t interested technically. And I did this movie, The Butterfly Effect, and that was a horrible experience. Not horrible, but it was pretty bad. I was a kid; I was barely conscious. I was like, “What the fuck is going on?” • Read full story »

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Written on Aug 10, 2013 by Grace Chan

I’ve added new high quality candids photos of Logan Lerman arriving at LAX Airport on August 9, 2013 in Los Angeles. Logan stops by to sign autograph for fans. He is soo sweet!

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Filed in InterviewVideo | 0 Comments
Written on Aug 09, 2013 by Grace Chan

During this new interview, Logan has been asked about reprising his role as Percy and the whole movie of ‘Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters’ is about. I wish the interview is longer!

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Written on Aug 09, 2013 by Grace Chan

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Filed in InterviewVideo | 0 Comments
Written on Aug 09, 2013 by Grace Chan

I’ve added a new video interview of Logan Lerman on the TV program of ‘Good Day Sacramento’! He talks about his new movie, ‘Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters’ his debut acting as a child star when he was 2 years old. Check out his interview!

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Written on Aug 09, 2013 by Angelic

Movie Fone recently sat down with Logan Lerman while he was promoting his new film “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters”.

Moviefone: Compared to “The Lightning Thief,” this movie seemed more epic and immersive. Was it harder to shoot? Was it more fun than the first?
Lerman: I mean it was really different working with Thor Freudenthal as opposed to Chris Columbus. He’s a very different director, tonally. The movie itself, as you know, is much lighter and fast-paced than the first film and, yeah, I guess the work felt different because of that. But, you know, they’re both fun movies to make, they’re just different experiences.

I’m sure. Like that amusement park scene, that must’ve been fun.
Oh yeah, it was a good time. I mean a little grueling. We were outside of New Orleans in, like, the middle of August, working all-nighters for a month and a half and it was a hundred degrees and humid.

This movie also seems like it’s more in line with the books. Was that important to you, to represent the fan base of the books?
Yeah, it is [more in line with the books]. In a way, I mean, that was more of the studio’s intention, to please the fans, and I’m kind of the guy who gets the script and works with the material. But, I definitely think fans of the books will be more happy with this one than they probably were with the first one.

Have you seen the fan base grow from the first one?
I’ve noticed it kind of take off. I think going into it now more people know about it than they did the first film.

So, have you had any crazy fan encounters?
Nothing too crazy, but you know, there have been some experiences [laughs]. Nothing too insane, but some people just get very, very excited over it.

You did a lot in terms of movies from the first ‘Percy’ to the second. Do you feel like you brought anything different to the character this time around that you didn’t have the experience to the first time?
I mean, I really don’t feel like I did much different. I guess I’m always learning and growing, but for this it was just kind of like putting on the old shoes again, getting back into that mode.

Now, in terms of the roles you play, you choose a wide variety. Is that a conscious effort for you to not get typecast or stuck doing one thing?
Yeah, I think it would be boring to the same thing over again, and I’m kind of just attracted to hard roles — something that seems difficult that I’m not sure I can do. But I also just like filmmakers. So, if there’s a great filmmaker out there, I’m going to try to be a part of their project.

Are there any filmmakers you are dying to work with?
David Fincher is really one of them. I really am a big fan of his. And, like, Spike Jonze, the Coen brothers. But, they’re dreams, and I feel really fortunate to have worked with some filmmakers that I really appreciate.

Do you have a preference about what you do when it comes to franchises as opposed to stand-alone movies?
The idea of a franchise is a little daunting because of just the whole — when you’re doing it that usually means you’re signing on for more than one and that can be kind of scary. So, I guess with stand-alone movies there is comfort in knowing that there’s just one and that’s all you’re going to do because the rest of the fate isn’t in your hands after that. You know, unless you’re producing it or something. But, yeah, I don’t really have a preference. If the material is good and there is a good filmmaker doing a franchise, I’ll be stoked.

Switching gears a little — I read that you play a few instruments. So, if you could play any musician, who would it be?
Cool. That’s a good question. Um, God, there are a few musicians that would be cool to play just because they’re like crazy cool characters. Elton John would be interesting. I don’t know if I could do it, but it would be cool.

I think you can pull it off.
I don’t know if I could. I wonder. I like him a lot as a musician, though. Also, what’s his name of Joy Division? They made that cool movie on him. I think it would be fun to play him. Ian Curtis! He’s a cool character. There are so many. Lou Reed would be interesting.

I know you’re working on “Fury” with Brad Pitt now. How’s that going? Did you start filming yet?
No, we haven’t started filming yet, but we’re in the training process now, which has been intense and cool. But, we’re going to start filming soon. I’m excited about that. We have a good cast.

And you visited Fort Irwin as part of your prep, right? How was that experience?
Yeah. It was really interesting and really eye-opening learning about the army and their training.

Was that something you were interested in before you got the part?
I didn’t really have, like, a knowledge about it. I never really looked into the military or anything, but now I’m kind of diving into it. But, it’s so specific. This ["Fury"] is World War II, so the army has changed a lot since then. What we were learning about there is very different from what we’re going to be doing in the movie. But I am learning about WWII and I’m pretty fascinated by that.

And working with Brad Pitt, have you asked for any words of wisdom?
No, I haven’t asked him for any advice or anything, but we’re all kind of learning together about all this. We haven’t really spent much time together, but he’s a nice guy. It’s going to be a crazy, crazy movie to film.

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